1. How long does a project take?

Each 'One Room' or Full House' service has a time frame of about 1-4 weeks. The 'style advice' service will be responded to within 62 hours. We will advise the customer of the project turn-around once we receive the purchase order, this may change depending on unforseen circumstances.

2. Where does a room start and finish?

If your 'one room' is an open-plan living area i.e. dining room/kitchen it will be classified as two rooms and will be charged as so i.e. "One Room" service x2. Any clarifications required will be asked via email to the customer. If you were after only two or three rooms instead of a full house, than each room will be the price of the "One Room" service x however many rooms you wish to style.

3. Wondering what questions can be asked under our 'style advice' service?

Any question at all...

Examples are as follows, (images may be required);

- What colour paint will best suit my living room? I am looking for a pop of colour.

- I need help choosing a pendant light over my dining table? I like raw materials.

- Do you know anywhere I can find a black leather couch under $2000?

- Where can I find a Pink rug? I want it for my kid's play room.

- I like bohemian style interiors - where can I find an outdoor setting like this*? (*attached image of the furniture you had in mind / wanted to source).

- What colour floating floor would best suit my house?

- What colour do you suggest painting my gutters?

- Where can I find a dining set under $3000?

- My joiner asked me what splashback I would like in my kitchen, can you suggest any? I like colourback glass, small mosaic tiles and timber laminate.

- I wanted to re-upholster my lounge chairs, what materials can I source for under $60 per sqm?

- I saw a brass coffee table in a cafe shop, where can I find one?

- Do you know any brands which sell Scandinavian furniture i.e. feature lighting / chairs?

- Where can I find art work under $300? I like abstract paintings / pastel colours.

4. What is a 'materials and finishes' board?

A 'materials and finishes' board is somewhat like a 'mood board'. It collects various materials and imagery to help reveal / complete the design intent of the client's space i.e. furniture, fabrics, lighting and other finishes which are proposed for the space are compositioned to give an overall 'look and feel'.

5. I don't know what interior style I like, how can I tell you?

We have created numerous pinterest boards with various interior styles to help our clients get a better understanding of what style you prefer. Click here to view somo pinterest boards.

Any other questions - please feel free to contact us.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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